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Staying COVID-Safe...and Fashionable

Crafty employee uses old work shirts to create safety face masks

Staying COVID-Safe...and Fashionable
Staying COVID-Safe...and Fashionable

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Anchorage, AK


In the midst of the COVID Pandemic, when supplies and safety equipment were hard to come by, one crafty FSI employee utilized the existing materials she had to create safety face masks for everyone at her office.

Jenny Montoya, a Material Coordinator at Elmendorf AFB in Alaska, turned their old work shirts into one-of-a-kind FSI face masks. In an effort to keep herself and her teammates safe, Jenny initially set out to made 34 masks.  (Update: she is now at 65 masks and out of work shirts!)  Like other FSI locations, the Elmendorf Team is well known for their bright red work shirts.  Now they will be known for their bright red masks!

Thank you, Jenny, for your dedication to the FSI Family and for putting Safety First!

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