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Safety First

Facility Services believes the safety and health of each employee, partner, subcontractor, and customer is our primary goal.  We promote a positive culture of safety that is an essential part of everything we do.  To us, safety and health are a value, a priority, and a non-negotiable part of every job we do.  We understand that putting safety first is not a singular act but a true team effort.

Facility Services Safety Crew at Cannon Air Force Base New Mexico

FSI’s safety policies reflect an expectation of compliance through a variety of risk reduction techniques.  These include frequent inspections, checklists, and training to support the safety goals and initiatives established by FSI and our customers.

We know our success in accomplishing our safety goals and objectives is a direct result of our strong commitment to safety management and the active involvement of all of our employees. As a recognized leader in safety, our commitment to advancing our health and safety programs has resulted in Experience Modification Rates (EMR rates) and Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) metrics that are consistently below industry standards.  Because of this, FSI has been recognized with numerous safety awards and accolades from both customers and industry organizations.

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