With 26 years of experience, FSI understands what our customers value – quality services and solutions delivered timely and accurately.  We thrive on identifying and implementing best practices through efficient processes, effective management teams, and a highly skilled and productive workforce.  


FSI has a exceptional track record of delivering exceptional service to our Department of Defense and civilian customers every day of the year (24/7/365).  Our service offerings include: Facility Maintenance and Management, Renovation and Minor Construction, Medical Facility Operations and Management, and Fire Protection and Inspection.


In addition, we also work with SBA-approved Joint Ventures that allow us to expand our services into many other areas.  As the FSI Family has grown, we have made sure to continue putting our customers first and providing solution driven services to every day customer needs through our support to our team of dedicated employees.

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Additional Service Areas

The linked capabilities statements below outline additional services that FSI can provide through our SBA-approved Joint Ventures.

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