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Facility Maintenance & Management

FSI has extensive experience providing Facility Operations and Maintenance (O&M) services to both civilian and military installations throughout the United States.  Our maintenance services are utilized on projects of all sizes and locations, ranging from one million acres of harsh environments in the Southwestern deserts to the natural disaster-prone areas of the South and Southeast, and everywhere in-between.

FSI Employee Performing Chiller Maintenance at Scott Air Force Base Illinois

We provide exceptional base operations and support services (BOS) by partnering with the Installation Management Team to provide essential utilities, maintenance, and quality of life services to our service members and their families.  We also provide building O&M services to the National Archive and Records Administration, General Service Administration, and National Memorials.


Our operations and maintenance (O&M) management approach is designed to provide safe, timely, and quality services that support the varied missions of our customers.  We integrate best practices and past management know-how to extend the facilities life and reduce daily costs.  

A cornerstone of our service is a strong facilities inventory and assessment, followed by predictive and preventative maintenance programs.  This approach helps minimize unexpected system failures and loss of services.  When needed, we respond to emergency and urgent calls to quickly and efficiently restore services, as well as, non-emergency calls and scheduled work.

Operations & Maintenance Services

Force Protection

  • Physical Security


  • Fire Protection Management & Administration

  • Fire Extinguishers, Suppression, & Detection

  • Emergency Management

  • Disaster Preparedness

Port Operations

  • Wharf Management


  • Supply Management

  • Procurement

  • POL Management, Inventory, & Warehousing

  • Postal Operations

Personnel Support

  • MWR, Kitchen & Gallery Operations 

Facility Management

  • Management & Administration, Installation Plans, & Engineering


  • RPIE Inventories

Facility, Systems, & Support

  • Recurring, Non-Recurring, Inspections, Testing, & Certification

  • SRM & RCM

  • HVAC/R, Boilers, Chillers, Plumbing, Electrical, VTE

  • Janitorial, Pest Control, Refuse & Recycling, Pools, Grounds, Street Sweeping, Snow Removal


  • Central Energy/Utility Plant, Electrical Distribution, Gas, Sewage, Steam, & Water


  • Management & Administration, Railroads, Cranes, Vehicles, GSE & MHE, & Construction


  • Management & Planning, Activity Support, Conservation, Pollution Prevention, & HAZWASTE

FSI Emoployee Repairing Facility Equipment
FSI Crew Replacing a Light Fixture Ballast
FSI Safety Manager Inspecting Equipment
FSI Facility Operations Performing Repair Work
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